PTA to Ban 25,000 Terrorist Websites

PTA will ban 25,000 Terrorist Websites but this time it has taken a far better step by deciding to ban thousands of websites running by terrorist groups. National Assembly has asked PTA to block about 25,000 websites which were reported to be operated by terrorist groups.

PTA to Block 25,000 Terrorist Websites

Tahir Iqbal, who led the NA committee, said that there are more than 25,000 sites that are worked upon by terrorist associations from the country. The NA committee asked the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) about the strides it is taking to block such substance.

Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA, explained that PTA can’t obstruct any of the site all alone, as a result of decision from Islamabad High Court. PTA is not in charge of blocking YouTube or whatever other out of reach sites in Pakistan. The Ministerial Committee chooses if a site ought to be blocked or left out in Pakistan. The powers of the Ministerial Committee has been put on hold by Islamabad High Court in light of a request by an NGO.

He said that there must be a complaint enlisted with PTA for blocking of a site after which the Authority investigates the substance of reported site.  IT Secretary, Azmat Ranjha told that law authorization offices have been solicited to discover and offer such elements from any such sites found under control of terrorist associations with PTA keeping in mind the end goal is for blocking/unblocking of these sites. He emphasized that PTA and law authorization offices ought to develop coordination to battle with terrorists and adversaries of the nation together.

PTA is working in close coordination with the law enforcement agencies to monitor organizations and guaranteeing a more secure online environment for Pakistanis.

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