PTA to Impose Ban on Misleading Ads of Housing Societies on Social Media

Social Media is full of illicit content, misleading people. In Pakistan, posting misleading ads on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. has become a trend. While many brands are doing it and people have become a victim of it, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has approached the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to address this issue. Apart from clothing, toys and etc. brands, illegal housing societies are also playing their part of misguiding people, which is the most horrible kind of fraud doing on these days.

PTA to Impose Ban on Misleading Ads of Housing Societies on Social Media

According to LDA, PTA should inflict a ban on social media advertisements of unapproved or illegal housing schemes which are operational in Lahore division. LDA highlighted the issues while revealing that many illegal private housing schemes are advertising themselves through ad and media campaigns. As there are many illegal projects advertised through campaigns, many users have become victims of it, losing all their money in fake investments.

How such Fake Scheme Misguide Social Media Users?

The companies, especially the housing schemes, portray the most attractive images of the projects with 3D renders which are not the actual ones. They do not mention the physical and legal status of the projects. Due to this, many people buy such properties without knowing the actual details. Due to such activities, many illegal sales of files and plots are made which are not claimable in future as well.

LDA revealed that according to Rule 45 of the LDA private housing scheme, the company cannot publicise their scheme before acquiring no objection certificate from the authority. Due to this, the authority has requested PTA to impost ban on unauthorised adverts of housing projects on social media.

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