PTA to Launch DIRBS to Block Illegal and Stolen Phones

In Pakistan, Millions of Illegal and stolen mobile handsets, tablets, SIM based routers, Laptops and replica devices with invalid IMEIs are now being sold. The misuse of these unregistered handsets, for criminal and fraudulent activities, cannot be traced or monitored through mobile networks. Hence posing serious threats to public safety. To overcome this problem, PTA has previously announced to launch a new system, called Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). Now the system is going to officially launch in Pakistan. PTA to Launch DIRBS on May 10th, to Block Illegal and Stolen Phones.

PTA to Launch DIRBS on May 10th, to Block Illegal and Stolen Phones

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The launch ceremony for DIRBS will held on Thursday. Moreover, PTA will also celebrate the milestone of 50 million broadband users reached recently across Pakistan. No doubt, this step will be a positive step to safeguard the threat of stolen phones. This system will generate different lists, categorizing the legal status and authenticity of all handsets.

Moreover, PTA will also introduce a Device Verification System (DVS) for the public. People can access it through its website and enable users to check whether their devices are stolen or legit.

A Device Verification System Interface will be provided by the PTA to type approval holders/authorised distributors and general users to verify whether the said device is a compliant mobile device or not issued a certification of compliance to technical standards for IMEI devices issued by PTA.

officials said.

Moreover, to register the devices, there is also another system called Device Registration system.

We hope that this system will surely help to block the illegal and stolen phones that are being used for criminal purposes.

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