PTA Urged to Reconsider Action Against TikTok

The content present on the social media made the authorities question the immorality resulting in
strict action against the apps. Digital rights experts, along with the users of social media, have
considered this ban as a threat to the creativity projected by youth in the name of entertainment and have urged the authorities to reconsider the decision. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority issued the applications a final warning (PTA) earlier this week to remove obscene content from its platform.

PTA Urged to Reconsider Action Against TikTok

TikTok was recently issued a final warning by the PTA to get rid of unethical content the society
is the audience too. State authorities in Pakistan were also in support of this, but the questionable
platforms do not acknowledge the seriousness of the situation.

TikTok has indeed opened avenues for young talent in the entertainment sector and is
utilizing their energies to create incomes. But the content was soon observed to be a threat to the
societal norms. This ban would prevent the apparent problems that uprooted due to TikTok, but
the deep-rooted mental illness in the minds of individuals is far from prevention.

The Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) also appeals to revise the strictness and
approach towards the safety of minors. It argues the bans to be unjustified under the law and
demand written reasons from PTA of doing so. As the post-COVID-19 economy has surfaced,

Many Pakistani content holders have become prominent professionals earning from the platform
, and bans of these applications might destroy household incomes that are already vulnerable to no
employment opportunity.

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