PTA Vows to Provide Support for Special Poeple through Technology

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Dr. Syed Ismail Shah met special people at PTA HQs., who called on the Chairman this morning. The delegation from various institution of special people apprised the challenges faced and gave recommendation on how technology can play an important role in making things easier. They stressed the need for more participation of special people in the ICT sector.  Dr. Shah appreciated the role of various organisation involved in further the cause of special people  in promotion of ICT sector and assured the delegation of the Government as well as the Industry support for the benefit of special people and their participation in and through ICT industry.

PTA Vows to Provide Support for Special Poeple through Technology

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the issue of special people has remained neglected and ignored from all aspects which includes administrative, financial and legal. This initiative by PTA and the ICT Industry can prove a beacon of hope as it will help this important strata of people to further grow their careers said the delegation. Dr. Shah also said the PTA will support all such all such initiatives as in the past specially through their Smart Pakistan program that can take Pakistan towards the road of development. Last month it organizes “Workshop for Women Developers on Android & Augmented Reality” so that women in the field of IT can also be motivated.

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