PTA Warns Against Scammers Collecting Fingerprint Data

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has warned the Pakistani nation against the scammers collecting fingerprint data across the country. They are collecting the fingerprints and CNIC copies by targeting innocent people, informed by the PTA.

These Fraudsters are offering small rewards that include free SIMs, rations, prizes and cash. The reward is only given after an unsuspecting target fills out a form, either on paper or electronically. They give the form to innocent people to fill that and also demand a copy of the target’s CNIC and a scan of the fingerprints.

PTA Warns Against Scammers Collecting Fingerprint Data

These scammers are acquiring the fingerprints either electronically or using tracing paper but the matter of the fact is that in both cases, fingerprints can be used to fool mobile companies’ biometric scanners. The regulator has warned the masses that these stolen fingerprints can be used in criminal activities..

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is advising the people to stay vigilant and be careful while sharing their fingerprints and ID cards with any person demanding for these two things. The regulator further urged the Pakistani nation to share this information only with authorized franchises such as sales shops, customer service centers and retailers. It is is very important to stay vigilant for your own safety.

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