PTCL Introduces Customer Services Helpline in Pashto Language

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has just presented another language to its Customer Services ‪‎Helpline‬ which aims to help the customers in Pashto. The helpline of PTCL already had two mainstream languages and that were Urdu and English but with the introduction of Pashto, the company is trying to get close to its Pakhtoon customers. Pashto is known to be the second most spoken language in Pakistan which is perhaps the main reason PTCL has decided to introduce this language as well. Pashto is mostly spoken in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province, FATA and other accompanying areas. While Karachi ranks among one of the largest Pashto speaking cities of the world making almost 25% share.

PTCL Introduces Customer Services Helpline in Pashto Language

Other than Pashto, PTCL is also working on the introduction of Sindhi language as well for its helpline as said by a representative of the company. It is necessary to mention here that PTCL is the leading telecommunication services provider in Pakistan. The corporation gives telephonic and Internet services countrywide and is the strength for the country’s telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of other telecommunication corporations.

In order to get any information or services from PTCL Customer Services ‪‎Helpline in Pashto language, the customers are required to dial 0800-80800 or 1236 or 1218 and select option 3.

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