PTCL Introduces Flexible Work Arrangements to Help its Employees

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has presented new flexible work arrangements to help its workers. The new steps involve flexible working hours for all employees and work from home facility for the working mothers of the company.

Introduced under the umbrella of ‘Work Ease’, these steps are made to further support a culture that boosts work-life-balance, diversity inclusion and boost employee engagement.

PTCL Introduces Flexible Work Arrangements to Help its Employees

Flexible working hours give workers the opportunity to choose their working hours as per their suitability, giving greater autonomy to start and end their workday. ‘Work@Home’ would aid the working mothers by allowing them to work from home, 2 days per Month. The policy is made effective from 15th October 2015.

Syed Mazhar Hussain, PTCL Chief Human Resource Officer told that this policy is in accordance with the HR’s strategic agenda of forming a tempting workplace for employees, thereby improving their engagement and productivity levels. This initiative has been launched after the successful trial run of Flex Time during Ramadan and the positive response received from the employees. The decision to implement ‘WorkEase’ is an imitative taken to further help the employees in handling their personal and professional duties. PTCL anticipates that the flexible work arrangements will help both the employees and the organization.

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