PTCL is choking the speed of Torrents!

PTCL is choking the speed of Torrents!

It appears like PTCL is blocking torrents in Pakistan since last few days. At first PTCL started giving shady browsing speed, then it blocked 90% of Google’s services and now it is choking Torrents speed.

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There is nothing official announced by PTCL on this issue. This can be said as a power cut of torrent downloads/uploads in the country as users are not getting more than 25Kbps on 2MB connection.

[blockquote cite=”According to Propakistani”] It merits mentioning here that PTCL had recently blocked Skype out calls (skype to phone calls) without announcing anything. It appears that the telecom giant is on the spree of blocking all those things which were hurting its revenues. However, customers are likely to get furious with the decision and may change their service provider.

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