PTCL Proudly Announces Free Wifi Services in All Metro Buses and Stations

PTCL is going to offer free WiFi internet in the newly inaugurated Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro-the news is available on PTCL official website. Now travelers will enjoy free WiFi (Charji) services while traveling within twin cities.

Providing free WiFi to the more than 40,000 passengers per day of Metro buses is not an easy task, hence it would be challenging for PTCL to maintain the quality of these services; as we have already heard many complaints about PTCL internet.

[pull_quote_center]Charji-ed all the Way: Enjoy non-stop free wifi connectivity on all Metro Buses and Stations, powered by PTCL[/pull_quote_center]

PTCL confirmed about its upcoming services that the entire free WiFi network will be powered by Charji service.

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