PTCL Special Voice Packages to keep you Connected with your Loved Ones!

During these trying times when we are going through a pandemic, everyone is finding ways to stay positive and stay connected with their loved ones.

People are using various ways to maintain social distancing and stay at home while maintaining their connection with their family, friends and colleagues. Within not only Pakistan, but most of the people have relatives or friends who are living abroad and they want to stay in touch with them too.

In an attempt to close this communication gap, telcos in Pakistan are striving to fulfill the need of their customers and continue to provide the best offers and services using technology.

PTCL, being one of the leading companies in the telecom sector, has always stepped up to play its role during every crisis as it provides connectivity to both retail customers and businesses alike. Not only does it offer internet packages, but it also provides landline services in a small town to major metropolitan cities across Pakistan.

Recently the company introduced ‘Freedom Voice Packages’ in order to provide options to people who want to stay connected through landline without incurring huge telephone bills.

“Freedom Voice Packages” – Explained!

Freedom Voice Packages is a new calling package, which gives customers unlimited on-net calls, free mobile minutes, free VAS bundle, along with international minutes. This is particularly unique and beneficial as no other company is offering international minutes on such economical rates to its customers.

Before getting into the packages, let us explain what exactly these offerings are. On-net calls refer to those calls made from a PTCL connection to a PTCL connection; in each of the 5 packages offered, there are unlimited on-net calls. This means you can call anyone with a PTCL connection without worrying about incurring huge bills.

Mobile calling minutes refers to calls made from a PTCL connection to mobile numbers, whereas international minutes refers to calls made from a PTCL connection to Zone 1 countries such as Canada, USA, China, and Hong Kong.

Each package offers a different volume of free mobile and international minutes.

Finally, the free Value Added Service (VAS) bundle offers a variety of features such as conference call, call forwarding, and more.

Under this offer, there are various packages starting from as low as Rs. 500 that customers can subscribe to according to their needs. These packages are really economical and user friendly. You can visit PTCL website for further details on various available packages and subscribe to the offer most suitable to your specific needs and requirements.

Due to affordable rates, you now have the convenience to opt for offers that give you value for your money. PTCL is catering to people from all strata of society by ensuring it provides viable options to its customers to stay connected at all times.

Are you PTCL User? Their latest internet packages would surprise you.

We are glad that companies like PTCL are committed to serve the nation and keep everyone connected during these trying times. Stay home, stay connected!

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