PTCL Wireless Broadband Provides Greater Access to KPK Citizens

According to official sources the sidelined communities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa having inadequate resources are now coming towards information communication highway owing to the affordability of PTCL wireless broadband service.

PTCL Wireless Broadband Provides Greater Access to KPK Citizens

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A study piloted in the KP disclosed that people in this province are profiting from better access to wireless broadband and that is why the marginalized people are coming in national economic fold with the help of inexpensive PTCL wireless broadband.

As per Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) stats, the urban and rural inhabitants are gradually benefiting from access to broadband countrywide, owed to the affordability of services.

Almost 80% hail from PTCL’s fixed and wireless broadband networks, while the remaining portion of the flan is shared by many broadband service providers.

Cost of access of broadband services is a vital characteristic which needs to be accounted for. Relegated communities with restricted resources are coming towards information communication highway owing to the affordable installation and monthly costs of national carrier PTCL.

“Considering Pakistan’s average per capital income of Rs. 11, 645, affordability of service is of utmost importance.”

Said Qaiser Khan, a Financial Analyst.

More evident is the economic impact of the service which is permitting communities to make more informed decision, elevate and make awareness and serving to modify perceptions.

Huma Shakeel, a resident of Mardan is seeing her online handicraft business flourish through access to international customers.

“New options have opened for me since I acquired a wireless broadband connection. I can sell goods at very cheap prices now and from markets which were inaccessible to me. Not only this, the trust level has increased, as both the parties can see & negotiate each other through video calls.”

Qari Ibrahim, a retired teacher is making good use of broadband by earning a living, giving Quran lessens to students in Norway and other European countries.

“I never thought it could be so convenient. I can connect to my students through Skype and teach at my convenience.”

More economic opportunities are being shaped, awareness of diverse cultures and accessibility to knowledge is empowering people to be more understanding, in the cities and towns where broadband service is available.

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