PubG Achieves Another Milestone as it Makes $3bn in Just 7 Months

The developers of PubG, Tencent would be utterly delighted with the performance of the game in the last year or so. The game spread all corners of the world and gained immense popularity. Due to this, the Chinese gaming giant Tencent has hit a new milestone by doubling its lifetime revenue to over $3bn in a period of just over seven months.

PubG Achieves Another Milestone as it Makes $3bn in Just 7 Months

According to a report by research firm SensorTower, the landmark revenue figure also encompasses the income derived from “Game For Peace”, the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. In the current year alone, PUBG Mobile and Game For Peace have collected revenue of $1.3 billion, with the month of March witnessing the record monthly revenue of $270 million when the Covid-19 pandemic imposed lockdowns around the world.

PubG Mobile’s largest market is definitely China, where its Chinese version has earned capital of about $1.6 billion from Apple’s App Store alone which is equal to 52% of its total lifetime revenue. Apart from that, the United States is the second biggest market for the game with a share of nearly 14%, followed by Japan with 5.6%.

According to a report, iPhone users are regarded as the most enthusiastic PubG fans as the game’s iOS edition has contributed 79% of the game’s lifetime revenue, as compared to 21% for Android users via the Google Play Store. Till now, PUBG Mobile and Game For Peace have been downloaded 734 million times globally.

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