PUBG likely to host Pakistan’s independence day show

The Unknown Battlefield of the Player (PUBG) is planning an exclusive event for only the Pakistani. PUBG is celebrating the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan as a token of gratitude for the utmost support and affection received from local players. 

The fantastic Journey Event includes an online gaming session in which players will be required to complete missions and receive rewards as they move forward in the game. 

An interactive gameplay ensues from the event. Passionate players must complete daily missions such as completing two classic mode matches or killing 5 players in Arena. Players will get flip points as you complete the tasks and go along a map that mentions popular tourist and historical places. Including Chitral National Park, Badshahi Mosque, Noor Mahal, Tower of the Clock, Fort Derawar, Resi Ziarat.


The multiplayer game was the center of all controversy just last month. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority temporarily banned interactive mobile game because it was dangerously addictive. The ban, however, led to full-blown outrage with more than a million tweets asking Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, to intervene and unbann the game.  

The authority said it had received numerous research, documents, and reports on the players’ mental and physical health effects of internet games, specifically PUBG. Islamabad High Court ( IHC), however, negated the move by the government, and ordered it to reverse the ban completely. 

Indeed a delightful sigh of relief for the passionate players who used to play this not this as a game but passion. Somehow, it also seems not likely to be appreciated by the peacemakers. People think that it may destroys a child’s mind by attracting them with relief after destruction.

In the past, we have seen such type of games, but never argued and raised voices as there were no numbers of deaths. We look!

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