PUBG Mobile Hits 400 Million Downloads

A new milestone is achieved by Tencent Games as PUBG Mobile hits 400 million downloads. The recent reports say that the game has now 50 million active daily users. In order to celebrate this great achievement, the game comes with a new update. The update will bring a new 4v4 battle mode, a new map, custom skins, along with more settings options. Presently, “PUBG” is one of the most popular online games across the globe.

PUBG Mobile Hits 400 Million Downloads

The developer of the game has highlighted that more than 227 million people log in to play the game on a monthly basis. Majority of players are playing the free-to-play mobile version on Android and iOS. It has been reported that 50 million copies have been sold across PC and Xbox One, drawing over 87 million players on a daily basis.

In update 0.13.0, there is also a separate control setting for first and third person modes. The players will get to see an improved third-party cheat prevention system and a new latency indicator visible from the main screen. According to GSMA, the game players will now use the exclusive Godzilla: King of the Monsters theme in the lobby and limited themed events.

It is the first time that “PUBG” will be on Steam for a limited time.

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