PUBG: New State redeem codes for this holiday season

The famous battle royale game announced PUBG: New State redeem codes. The game has started its holiday celebrations with two new redemption codes that provide free rewards to gamers.

Krafton claims it has provided these codes to reward gamers for their support after the game recently passed the 45-million download mark. Crate tickets for the “Winter Carnival” and chicken medals are among the in-game rewards. According to Krafton, both of these are currently available to any gamer and will be available until the end of the month.

The rewards may only be calculated once per ID, according to the regulations, and will be delivered to participants via the in-game mail section. To obtain these rewards, users must go to the PUBG: New State website. Let’s take a look at how to get PUBG: New State redeem codes.

How to claim PUBG-New state redeem codes:

  • Go to the webpage for PUBG: New State (
  • Fill in one of the codes in the space provided.
  • Open the game settings in PUBG: New State on your phone.
  • Note your Account ID under the Basic tab.
  • On the redemption webpage, enter your Account ID.
  • Click “Redeem” after completing the CAPTCHA verification.

Free Chicken medals free codes

WINTERCARNIVAL15 is the first PUBG: New State redemption code given by Krafton, and it grants users access to a Winter Carnival Crate. Winter-themed skins, accessories, and clothes, as well as in-game vehicle themes, are included in this crate.

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