Punjab Police & UNODC Launches e-Learning Center in Sahiwal

The training center of Shiwal Police have received E-learning curricula from UNODC in order to enhance law enforcement skills and core policing. The e- learning platform will help polishing officers while maintaining international standards. Punjab Police & UNODC Launches e-Learning Center in Sahiwal.

Sahiwal training center came in to being in April 2017. This training center train police officers on various capacity building programs. Punjab Police has established e-learning center in collaboration with United National Office on Drugs and Crime to cater the training need of Sahiwal regional Police in specialized areas.

Punjab Police & UNODC Launches e-Learning Center in Sahiwal

These specialized areas includes Drug related crimes, human trafficking and Migrants smuggling, awareness and preservation of digital evidences, crime scene investigation and criminal intelligence.

The E-learning center at Sahiwal training center was inaugurated by RPO Sahiwal, Muhammad Tariq Chohan, with UNODC Country Representative Pakistan Mr Cesar Guedes. Inauguration ceremony was also attended by Criminal Justice Program Adviser Ms Jouhaida Hanano and other program staff of UNODC.

Shiwal Mihammad Tariq Chohan payed gratitude and appreciated UNODC Pakistan on behalf of Punjab Police. Chohan said that:

Sahiwal Regional Training Center is being equipped with essential training facilities, utilising modern tools and methods for on-job training of police officers in specialised crime’ areas.

He further added that:

UNODC’s e-Learning platform would complement the traditional training methods and mock scene exercises, as it provides a wide range of training courses related to crimes which are interactive, self-paced, more engaging and easy to comprehend”.

Mr Cesar from UNODC thanked Punjab police for all the efforts to raise the competency, professionalism and the field effectiveness of its force through resourcing the training institutions.

Mr. Cesar Guedes said that:

UNODC had significantly increased international support for Pakistan under the new UNODC’s Country Programme –II (2016-2019), which would address the country’s development challenges

UNODC has established 55 E-learning centers in Pakistan. They have launched e-learning centers in law enforcement agencies however for Punjab Police it is 9th center.

While praising E-learning program, Ceasr said:

the eLearning Programme has had a very staggering level of achievement as over 50,000 personnel country wide of Pakistani law enforcement agencies have completed over 270,000 hours of foundational and specialised level of training programmes.

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