Qeemat Punjab App Is Here To Help Against Increased Market Prices

The recently launched app allows users to compare the market rate of items with the actual rates.

If you are worried about shopkeepers robbing you with their market prices then the Qeemat Punjab app is for you!

Qeemat Punjab app is here to help!


On 23 April the Punjab Information Technology Board launched the Qeemat Punjab app in 36 districts of Punjab. The app features a list of prices for everyday products to allow users to check whether or not the shopkeeper is telling them the right price. From fruits to vegetables to other grocery items the app has it all covered.

The app was launched in both English and Urdu making it easy to use for all. It is also updated daily with actual market rates. It can thus serve as a great help in areas where even daily use items have become too expensive for many.


How does it help?


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Furthermore, the app can help users to stand up to the outrageous prices many shopkeepers have put; it has a feature which allows users to report any shopkeeper whose prices do not match that of the actual market rate. Each district has been given a special monitoring team to investigate these complaints .

The government claims to have resolved over 800 of these complaints and recovered over 1 million Rupees in fines from these shopkeepers.



Credit goes to the government for launching this app and lets hope it releases in other regions soon.

The app can be downloaded here


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