QMobile Noir E8 Review

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QMobile Noir E8 Review

Finally, QMobile launches its ballistic smartphone to its portfolio. QMobile Noir E8, with 3GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 24 MP camera, finger print security, HIFI DTS Dual Speaker, Smart PA and a lot many features that will be discussed under the detailed QMobile Noir E8 Review, so stick around and explore the beauty of QMobile Noir E8.

QMobile Noir E8 has all the necessary hardware and other features that can easily attracts the customer’s interest and choice in before purchasing a device. Security, protection, effectiveness, speed, support, best snapshots, multi SIM support, huge memory of 3GB RAM, 64GB ROM, OTG, MultiCast option, best earphones, Corning Gorilla Glass protection, Rigid ring of Aluminium protection, extra accessories like screen plastic, beautiful cover case, dual speaker with DTS sound system with a smashing Octa-core processor with 2GHz frequency, finger print protection that works efficiently are some of the key features of QMobile Noir E8.

QMobile Noir E8 Review

Specifications of QMobile Noir E8:

Weight 203 grams
Dimensions (162 x 82 x 9.6) mm
Memory 3 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, support up to 128 GB with a memory card.
Processor 2 GHz Octa core processor, Media Tek MT6795
Connectivity Dual SIM
: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
SIM2: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
WCDMA (900 / 2100)
4G LTE Support
Camera 24 MP LED Flash Rear Camera + 8MP Selfie Camera
Display 6.0″ Amoled Display with 2K Resolution
Battery 3520 mAh, Li-ion technology
Features Finger Print Scanner, Instant Shot button(One key access button), GPS, DUAL SIM, Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Calendar, OTG, Multi Screen Option, torch etc
Price 45,000 PKR

Pros and Cons:

Smartphones usually have pros along with an equal number of cons, yet QMobile Noir E8 has a lot many of pros with almost none of its cons discussed below.

  • Octa-core processor of 2GHz which is super fast in running heavy apps, games and supporting heavy hardware like a better camera, finger print scanner etc.
  • 3GB RAM which is almost the latest innovation in the scope of smartphone’s technology.
  • 64GB ROM followed by a 128GB supporting memory card jack.
  • Finger print scanner that enhances security in detecting the real owner.
  • HIFI Dual Speaker with DTS sound system, Smart PA
  • 24MP Rear Camera with a supporting dual flash light along with a 8GB front camera.
  • 6″ Super Amoled screen that supports up to 2K Resolution.
  • High wear Resistant Aluminium frame along the borders that gives extra strength to QMobile Noir E8.
  • No supporting lights for the navigation menu that contains the back button, home button and menu button.

Design and Display of QMobile Noir E8:

Better smartphones with better specifications needs extra protection, look and an eye-catching display. QMobile Noir E8 has been shoved with a high wear resistant Aluminium frame along its sides that can protect your device from breakage and cracks by absorbing the shocks. This necessary frame is also been smoothly polished that enhances the look. The grip is firm at the edges and the corners are smoothly arched. The finger print scanner is the center below the camera. The high power camera is also supported with a dual LED flash lights.

Coming towards the display of QMobile Noir E8, the display of Noir E8 is 6″ that supports high resolution videos and can play HD movies. The number of pixels per inch are 640 which is greater than any of the smartphones ever launched up till now. The renderer for its display is PowerVR Rogue G6200 and the supported resolutions are 1440 x 2560 pixels. The screen can support up to 10 points multi touch over its screen. The screen is also guarded with Corning Gorilla Glass technology that leaves no scratches on the screen. Look at the HD video been played with QMobile Noir E8 with 1080 pixel resolutions.

QMobile Noir E8 Review

Processor of QMobile Noir E8:

Coming with a powerful processor of type 64 bit with frequency variations of 403 MHz as its lower and 1950 MHz as its high end. The processor is Octa core and each core of QMobile Noir E8 runs with up to 1950 MHz frequency. The chip-set is of Media Tek with chip-set number MTK MT6795. The performance is super fast and supports all the recent technologies with its super fast speed and latest version of OS 5.1 Lollipop. The temperature rise was just 3 degrees and the battery consumption was almost 15% after running with Antutu’s stability test. Which proves the stability and performance of QMobile Noir E8.

Memory for QMobile Noir E8 Review:

QMobile Noir E8 has been launched with a huge sea of 3GB RAM which comes in the very few number of devices with 3GB RAM. This much of RAM will not say no to any sort of app or game and will perform smoothly and effectively. The internal memory as been mentioned in the snapshots below is 64GB and this is the only device launched with 64GB ROM. If you still need more memory, you can have a memory card up to 128GB in the memory card jack.

Camera within QMobile Noir E8 Review:

Both the rear as well as the front camera for QMobile Noir E8 have been fantastic and both have special lenses that can capture the true colors of the surroundings. The rear camera is bulged out at the center of the upper portion of the smartphone which has been supported by a dual flash light to capture images at low light situations. The front camera lies besides the notification light and the earphone. Consult the bright display along with the purity in the snapshot below.

QMobile Noir E8 Review

Front Camera of QMobile Noir E8:

The result for QMobile Noir E8 along with the details have been snapped in the image below. The picture quality has been reduced to a minimum for the server. The front camera is 8MP and it takes up to 4MB snaps in a perfect day light and denser details. The dimensions for the camera of QMobile Noir E8 are (3264 x 2448) pixels. The camera is flooded with all the necessary sensors like the Geo tagging sensor, the aperture timing sensor, white balance etc. Consult the image for the performance of QMobile’s front camera details.

QMobile Noir E8 Review

Rear Camera of QMobile Noir E8:

The power of the rear camera of QMobile Noir E8 is 24MP and has been supported with a dual LED Flash light to capture images at low and dim light situations. A 24MP camera has never been used by QMobile in any device before. This credit goes to QMobile Noir E8 for having a 24MP camera that can takes best images and has been supported with all the necessary tools and features that a better camera may need for. The size of the snap of QMobile Noir E8’s Rear cam reaches to 8MB and the dimensions are (5696 x 4272) pixels which are greater than any of the smartphones been launched by QMobile ever. Consult the image below for the details and power of the rear camera of Noir E8.

QMobile Noir E8 Review

Network/ Connectivity of QMobile Noir E8 Review:

QMobile Noir E8 is 4G enabled with LTE support. Following are the frequency bands for QMobile Noir E8 Review. Noir E8 is a dual SIM supporting device. SIM 1 can handle 3G bands as well which are WCDMA (900 / 2100).

  • SIM1: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • SIM2: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • 4G LTE Support

Battery performance of QMobile Noir E8:

Battery is another of the customer’s choice for a smartphone with these much of better specifications. QMobile Noir E8 has a non-removable battery with Li-ion technology and the capacity of its battery is 3520 mAh that lasts for long time and you may enjoy with long calls, social media video calls, surf the internet, browse for longer and can play heavy games with a slight increase in temperature and long battery.

QMobile Noir E8 Review

External Images for QMobile Noir E8 Review:

Below mentioned are the detailed images that explains a lot which includes a beautiful box protecting the internals. The gadgets contain an OTG cable, a perfect earphones with beautiful base in it, data cable that can be used to charge your smartphone and transfer data, a protective cover, NFC stickers, a complementary cover that can be used to protect your smartphone and protect the screen from scratches and cracks.

In-hand images for QMobile Noir E8 Review:

Though the size is bigger than the other smartphones but this is due to the loaded hardware and 6″ display been held with the metal Aluminium frame. The grip is good and you will not be feeling bore while holding your QMobile Noir E8 which is slimmer and is been just 9.6mm thick.

The following images show the necessary ports and angles containing the jacks for USB cable in the first picture, the second image shows the one key access button for the camera to take the start and get faster images. The second image also contains the power button and the volume buttons. The third image shows the audio pin jack for the earphones, similarly the last image shows the other side of QMobile Noir E8 which is indeed a sleek and well finished smartphone.

The back cover is removable and you may insert two SIM and a memory card near the finger print sensor area.

Interface Experience for QMobile Noir E8 Review:

The OS used in QMobile Noir E8 is 5.1 Lollipop which is almost the latest OS which contains smooth and fine icons along with different gadgets. One thing to mention is the drop down menu which is unlike the other smartphones and you have to drag it from the bottom. The drop down from the top contains the notification panel only. You can watch the drop up menu of QMobile Noir E8 in the last snapshot below.

The keyboard and the dial pad both have cool and attractive light colors, the alphabets and number on the board don’t have well defined boundary lines. The touch is very smooth and no missing are made while typing. The third snapshot for QMobile Noir E8 shows the phone capacity of 64GB which is divided into system used and data storage as well as free portions. The fourth snapshot below for Noir E8 shows the battery level and the estimated time left if the battery is being consumed at such speed.

Bench Marking QMobile Noir E8:

The speed, efficacy and efficiency of QMobile Noir E8 is such that it can amaze the people with its rank and position once checked over the bench marking applications. Though mentioned below is the battery time left for it to work, yet the performance is better than some of the top selling brands in the world.

QMobile Noir E8 Review

Antutu’s approach for QMobile Noir E8 Review:

You will be obliged to know about the performance of QMobile Noir E8 with Antutu which is an international and most trusted app used for ranking throughout the world. The score is more than 50 thousands and it proves that QMobile Noir E8 is on the top and leading edge as it has let down one of the DON of its time that ruled over the top for almost a year i.e Meizu MX4. It has a ten points multi touch screen support as shown in the last snapshot below. The processor is 64 bit type and it makes the executable operations even much faster as shown in the results below.

Vellamo’s approximation for QMobile Noir E8 Review:

The scores for QMobile Noir E8 with Vellamo are also not less than other branded devices internationally. The fast processor with multi-cores makes it even better and the combined result comes out to be just following the world’s most lethal device, The Samsung’s Galaxy S6. The single core performance is though a bit lower than many of the devices because the processor’s single core’s speed is 2GHz and other devices like Samsung Galaxy S6 has 2.4GHz. The browser’s performance is also better and has obtained 2426 with chrome browser beating Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Consult the overall score for QMobile Noir E8 in Qmobile Noir E8 Review mentioned below.

CPU-z mentioning complete information about QMobile Noir E8:

CPU-z is an app that shows most of the features, sensors, battery’s performance, specifications and other info like the OS, API Level etc shown in the snapshots below.

Checking the (GPU) graphics performance of QMobile Noir E8:

The score with graphics processing unit by QMobile Noir E8 has been compared with that of the world’s best smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 (for now) and we can see that almost both the devices have the same results with a little difference. Samsung Galaxy S6 has an average frames per second ratio of 92 fps and QMobile Noir E8 has an average frames of 76 per second. The overall score by QMobile Noir E8 is 20,472 and that of Samsung Galaxy S6 is 26,827 which shows the performance of QMobile Noir E8 following Samsung Galaxy S6 in its row. The screen resolution normalized score by QMobile Noir E8 is 75,469 and that of Samsung Galaxy S6 is 98,895 which is because of the largest number of pixels per inch. QMobile Noir E8 also have almost 640 density pixels per inch which makes it unique and amazing for the most part.

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Conclusion for QMobile Noir E8 Review:

A smartphone with 3GB RAM, 2.0GHz Octa core processor, 64GB ROM expandable up to 128 GB, 24MP Rear Camera, 8MP front camera and 6″ super AMOLED Display is a blend of great features added to this smartphone. Other features like DTS Sound system, finger print security scanner, different sensors for camera and a big power bank type battery which makes QMobile Noir E8 unique and gets a very better rank in the run of smartphones over the world. A smartphone with these specs may be impossible to be launched with a price of 45,000/- PKR by other companies like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, OPPO and others. The credit goes to the Pakistan’s number 1 Mobile brand; QMobile.


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  1. I bought this phone 3 days back..issue i am facing is playstore is not working..whenever i download any app..it wont download and paused.i tried reset many times still facing same issue..any one knows about that issue..and how can b it resolved?

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