QMobile Surpasses all International Brands in Pakistan, Still at No. 1 Position

QMobile is considered as Pakistan’s No. 1 smartphone selling brand as QMobile Surpasses all International Brands in Pakistan. Pakistan is the country where many local and international companies are selling their smartphones. Due to the increasing demand for smartphones and lots of market pressure, it becomes difficult for a brand to sustain its position. But QMobile is the brand who has maintained its market position in the country and still is the No. 1 smartphone selling brand of Pakistan.

QMobile Surpasses all International Brands in Pakistan, Still at No. 1 Position

Because QMobile is the local brand of Pakistan, it understands the demand and need of the people better. Keeping in mind the preference of people and need of today, QMobile always introduces super stylish and high-tech smartphones. So that’s why QMobile is getting more popularity in the country and also gaining more profit as well. QMobile has a market share of more than 60% and still is the biggest brand of the country.

QMobile is the best example for local brands who are striving hard and want to run a successful business. Initially, it is difficult for all the companies to run the business. Same was the case with QMobile, initially it took many months to localize the brand and solve various issues. But then after following many marketable strategies, QMobile gains popularity and becomes the No. 1 Selling brand of the country.

Pakistan is the country where all people can’t afford high-tech smartphones. Keeping this fact in mind, QMobile introduces high-tech smartphones at affordable prices. Best thing about QMobile is that, it has introduced smartphones with many high-end features at affordable prices.

QMobile has always played a vital role in increasing the 3G users in the country as it lowered the entry-level barrier for smartphone users by introducing 3G/4G smartphones. In a period of just three years, there are more than 40 million wireless broadband users in Pakistan.

Still there are many users, who are using many international brands like Apple, Huawei, Samsung etc instead of QMobile. The reason behind this is the trust-level. We can say that QMobile has a better chance to grab more users by launching more reliable smartphones in the country.

With more than 60% users in the country, QMobile has also created more job opportunities than any competitors. It also employs countless distribution, retail and service partners than other competitors. No doubt, QMobile plays a vital role in the emergence of Pakistan’s economy and still working hard to serve the nation more.

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  • 60% market share… Unbelievable.

    Is there anybody​ who can share stats of mobile units sold years wise, Quarter wise for all brands. This is the only way to judge who is at number one.

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