Qualcomm Coming Up With Low-Budget 5G Chipset

A faster wireless network will soon expand.

Qualcomm is the most prominent chip maker. It is the world’s topmost company that is providing 5G modems to the handset makers. To all those 5G lovers, here is good news for you. Smartphones supporting 5G will get cheaper in upcoming days. Next year, Qualcomm will release its 5G chipset with Snapdragon 6 series, 7 series, and 8 series processors. The company declared this news at IFA 2019. The 8 series is designed for hi-fi smartphones like Galaxy S10. S10 has Snapdragon 855, coupled with Qualcomm 5G modem. It helps to connect Galaxy S10 5G, Note 10 Plus 5G and other 5G integrated smartphones. The 6 series and 7 series are affordable. They are perfect for Oppo and Motorolla Smartphones.


Expanding 5G Technology

Nowadays, 5G is the most focused technology. It has the ability to work on maximum speed and coverage wireless networks. It will be more efficient than Wi-Fi as well. Now, see where it stands. Qualcomm will let the wireless technology free-to-use for more people by expanding Qualcomm 5G integrated gadgets. It will include many handsets other than Samsung.

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon said on Friday at IFA,

“We launched 5G, we want everyone to have it. With this technology … we’re going to bring 5G to scale with our many partners.”

Qualcomm 5G Chipset

Adding to this, Qualcomm also told that its copartners are evolving almost 150 designs using Qualcomm’s 5G processors. If 5G flourishes more and more, then around 2 billion smartphone users will get access to 5G. It will run 100 times faster as compared to the 4G network.

Its chips are embedded virtually in 5G integrated phones. The modem named X50 is directed for 5G networks only. The smartphone companies buy a separate chip to make connections with outdated networks. It means the smartphones have 2 modems, making it weigh more. It also makes out the smartphone expensive. This is the reason that 5G-integrated smartphone costs more than its 4G-integrated models.



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