Qualcomm Might be Selling Smartphone Chips to Huawei

When Huawei US ban story had hit the Chinese tech giant, it had said that it does not need any American company to keep its brand running. However, something nearly impossible has happened. Huawei has revealed that in current circumstances, its subsidy Hi Silicon will not be able to manufacture smartphone chips. It means thee upcoming Mate 20 will be the last device that will be powered by Kirin Soc. Now definitely, Qualcomm has realized the broad market it will enter by delivering chipsets to Huawei and is urging the government to allow it to all chipsets to Chinese tech giants.

Qualcomm Might be Selling Smartphone Chips to Huawei

As per the rule, the foreign manufacturers who are using US technology to make chips will have to get a license before selling it to Huawei. Due to this reason, HiSilicon was left with no other option. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing company has already ended its collaboration with Huawei.

Due to this, Huawei has no choice but to buy chips from other vendors, and due to this, Qualcomm wants to enter this collaboration first. On the other hand, Huawei is trying its best to survive in the market with any help from the US. China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) had manufactured Kirin 710A for Huawei. The company is also in talks with Taiwan’s MediaTek for providing 120 million chips.

Qualcomm is afraid that if it does not sell chipsets to Huawei, it will give a 5G Chipset market share to its rivals in China. Actually, HiSilicon overtook Qualcomm as the number one chip supplier in China. It is the reason why Qualcomm is eager to sell its 5G chipsets to Huawei. If Qualcomm and Huawei come under any partnership, the next year Huawei P50 and Mate 50 will be featuring Snapdragon chip.

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