Qualcomm Sues Apple Again on Sharing Software with Intel

It seems like Qualcomm and Apple will see each other in court very soon as Qualcomm sues Apple again on sharing software with its rival Intel. According to the reports from Bloomberg, Apple has shared Qualcomm’s chip code with Intel.

Qualcomm Sues Apple Again on Sharing Software with Intel

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Apple has already in plan to quit using Qualcomm’s chips in its devices. Instead of Qualcomm, Apple will use Intel and MediaTek chips in its upcoming devices. According to the lawsuit filed by Qualcomm, Apple breached a contract with Qualcomm in regard to software that’s required to allow mobile chips to interact with the phone’s panel.

Qualcomm also claims that Intel may have been given access to key information about its competitor’s technologies. As we all know that Qualcomm is famous for its chipsets designed for Android hardware. Apple has used both Qualcomm and Intel modems for different iPhone models.

Again after this lawsuit, Apple is planning to quit using all Qualcomm’s chipset in its upcoming devices. However, Apple has not yet made any statement regarding this lawsuit.

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