Qualcomm to Roll Out Biometric Patch to Help Doctors Track Patients

Qualcomm to Roll Out Biometric Patch to Help Doctors Track Patients. The company has invented a new connected medical grade biometric patches which will enable a multitude of intelligent care models, from preoperative care, assessing the impact of therapeutic interventions.

Qualcomm to Roll Out Biometric Patch to Help Doctors Track Patients

These wearable biometric patches will allow doctor to monitor a real time data of a range of patients. Among many other potential features, the patch will provide data on clinical thermometry and motion measurements.

James Mault, Chief Medical Officer, Qualcomm Life said:

This wearable patch technology will be transformative in its ability to provide timely and accurate data to enable care providers to make better-informed decisions.

Qualcomm life has previously launched many similar projects which helped millions of doctors to monitor patients. Mault further added that:

Utilizing Qualcomm’s 30 years of leadership in inventing new connected “things,” this low-power, cost-effective, single-use design will fuel new, scalable care models

For these Biometric strips Qualcomm collaborated with Benchmark Electronics via Healthcare Product License Agreement. Under this agreement, Benchmark Electronics will serve as the design and manufacturer of sensors. Clinical validation is in process and Patches are expected to be rolled out in 2018.

Paul Tufano, CEO, Benchmark Electronics said:

We are thrilled to work with Qualcomm Life to create a new packaged sensor offering for health care companies .These are economical, secure and user friendly. This collaboration aligns with our mission to deliver high-value solutions and innovative technology for our customers

Qualcomm Life, is a daughter company of Qualcomm which provides device connectivity and data management solutions that enable medical device manufacturers to deliver wireless health.

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