Queen Of Pain Build- Dota 2 Hero Guide

Build, Items, Tips And Tricks

Queen Of Pain is one of the most overpowered Dota 2 heroes which is surely a carry hero. If Queen Of Pain is your enemy you sure are in trouble dude. Well, here is my queen of pain hero build you can adopt in order to specialize QoP. QoP build, QoP ability upgrades and a few tips and tricks to play with Qop all at one place. In addition to that, I will teach you how to counter QoP.

Best Queen Of Pain Build:

This Build is preferably a ‘Qop Mid Lane Build’ for Turbo game mode, but it can be used for any lane basically.

Queen Of Pain Build- Dota 2 Hero Guide

QoP Tree Upgrade:

This is the most prefered tree upgrade the only situational changes that can be made is for the last upgrade. You can choose ‘Scream of Pain 1.5s Fear’’ if the enemy heroes need to be hushed away more. Consume ‘Tome Of Knowledge’ whenever available to reach level 30 and get your tree fully upgraded.

Queen Of Pain Build- Dota 2 Hero Guide


QoP Ability Upgrade:

Level 1 > 1

Level 2> 2

Level 3> 3

Level 4 & 5> 1

Level 6> 4

Level 7> 1

Level 8 to 11> Toggle between 1, 2 & 3, opt for the tree whenever available 10 onwards.

Level 12 to 25> Keep ‘4’ as your priority, then the tree and then the remaining abilities as per the situation.

Tips And Tricks To Play Queen Of Pain:

Ranged and Intelligent heroes such as Queen Of Pain are meant to be played safe at the begining but they can be fed to play as a carry hero later. Here are a few tips and tricks to master in order to play like a professional with queen of pain.

  1. Attack your enemy with the ‘Shadow Strike’ whenever it is available.
  2. Always carry some extra mangoes and/or clarity because she runs out of mana quickly.
  3. Never jump into a fight using ‘Blink’ rather save it to run away only.
  4. Use your ultimate during a team fight keeping in mind the direction from where maximum number of players can be damaged.

How To Counter Queen Of Pain:

QoP can be a very tricky hero to tackle. Here are a few tips and items to make against QoP in order to beat her.

  1. Pick a counter hero that has the ability to ‘Silence’ her. It may be Drow Ranger or Silencer etc.
  2. Make ‘Hex’ or ‘Bloodthorn’ to block her from using her abilities.
  3. Make Black King Bar. Heroes like Qop and Zeus are dependent upon their abilities and that is the one thing you need to take care of.

This was for Queen Of Pain. Hope it helps you to play QoP as a Pro. Do share your experience using this build. Will be coming up with other Hero Builds.

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