WhatsApp To Enable ‘Quick Media Edit’ Feature Soon

WhatsApp's new mini feature

What the new feature is all about?

WhatsApp has been going through a series of updating its existing features. From sending to multiple users at a single time to the creation of broadcast or from a voice call to video call, hence in all ways, providing the users what they even cannot think about it. Let’s discuss what the Quick Media Edit feature is all about.

The main and utmost important feature of WhatsApp is media sharing. Now, people will be able to edit the pictures they have shared before. The feature is a minor one as compared to other WhatsApp features. This upcoming feature has named it as “Quick Media Edit”. However, its launch date is not announced yet. Currently, there is no built-in media edit facility.

More ease for users

At first, if users wanted to edit the picture they sent, they went to the gallery, picked that image and performed edit but after availability of this feature, they will not have to peep into the gallery and pick an image, instead, they will reuse the shared image, edit it and send again. The previous image will not be removed or edited. This will reduce all the hassle of modifying via the gallery.

The advantage of this feature is to save storage capacity and of course time of the users. This feature will work on both, IOS and Android. A new button will be added. Here an illustration is shared by WhatsApp beta tracking site, WAbetainfo:

PC:  WAbetainfo

However, this feature is still under its alpha testing phase. This testing phase has unveiled that it will not give full control of editing in the media sharing area. It will be launched when it will get a stable version of Quick Media Edit. WhatsApp is still testing to make it error-free so that users won’t get in any difficulty.

It is hoped that the worlds’ topmost and most used messaging app will introduce features like dark mode, biometric authentication or allow sharing WhatsApp status on Facebook.

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