Ratio of Cybercrimes Increases Due to Misuse of Mobile SIMs: FIA

A parliamentary panel was informed on Monday that due to misuse of mobile SIMs, the ratio of cybercrimes is increasing in the country, as these are allegedly used in terrorism activities as well.

Briefing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication, Director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crimes Wing revealed that due to poverty some people sell their SIMs in upto Rs 10000, as SIMs selling at streets and un-official retailers are easily activate it.

The ratio of Cybercrimes Increases in Pakistan Due to Misuse of Mobile SIMs: FIA

The committee chairman directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to take strict action over the aggressive marketing of Sims selling at streets and un-official retailers; as such practices are resulting in cybercrimes. The committee further directed that to avoid cybercrimes, SIMs cards illegal registration and aggressive selling should be stopped or lowered.

The 7th meeting of the Standing Committee on Information Technology & Telecommunication was held under the Chairmanship of Ali Khan Jadoon. The Committee unanimously confirmed the minutes of its previous meeting held on 08-07-2019.

The committee was informed that Facebook and Twitter are not cooperating in data sharing due to the absence of agreements. India along with other 53 countries have signed agreements with Twitter and Facebook and the latter extend cooperation in data sharing and other related matters, however, Pakistan has not signed any such agreements with the social media giants.

The committee was further informed that PTA has blocked around one million fake IDs on social media containing hate materials. PTA official said that Twitter has been informed of 246 accounts which were blocked on Kashmir issue.

FIA briefed the committee over the cyber-crimes, security and objectionable material posted in social media where they stated new cyber crime project has been commenced in September, 2018 at an estimated cost of around Rs 1.128 billion. NOC was also granted for the recruitment of 416 freshmen officers on 2 years contract. Where this project will fasten the cases process speed.

The representative from MOITT briefed the Committee regarding the National Incubation Centre (NIC) Ignite and give an overall presentation regarding the awareness program /milestones which they have achieved from the date of (Feb 2017- till-now).

The NIC representative also invited the Committee Members to visit the NIC and the Chairman Committee agreed upon the visit of NIC and decided that the Committee will visit during the session days.

The Committee was also briefed by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) representative about usurpation the rights of PTCL employees after 2008 and not revised pay scales with addition since 2011 as announced by the government.

After detailed briefing/deliberations the chair constituted a sub-Committee consisting 3 members of Committee where Sher Ali Arbab as a convener and two other members Ali Gohar Khan and Muhammad Hashim on the agenda regarding usurpations the rights of PTCL employees after 2008: embezzlements after 26% PTCL shares: not revised pay scales with the addition since 2011 as announced by the government; not giving 12% share to the employees of the PTCL through BESOS in 2010; regularizations of daily wages, contract employees; hundreds of PTCL employees sacked by the government in 2010; granting of dues /arrears along with increased pensions.

The meeting was attended by MNAs Saghibzada Sibghatullah, Sher Ali Arbab, Javaria Zafar Aheer, Kanwal Shauzab, Nusrat Wahid, Muhammad Hashim, Ali Gohar Khan, Romina Khursheed Alam, Maiza Hameed, Mr. Mahesh Kumar Malani, Naz Baloch, Syed Mehmood Shah.

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