Rayman Jungle run: A Run-Away Hit

Rayman Jungle run: A Run-Away Hit

Rayman Jungle run: A Run-Away Hit is a one touch running game. Rayman Origins is such a gorgeous and well-designed game that fills small-screen with magic and fun. The graphics are being re-used, but they are still entirely beautiful – so, don’t be turned off by the fact that you’ve seen this art on the console before.

Rayman Jungle Run offers 40 distinct levels that require players to jump, hair-copter float, wall run, and punch or kick their way to the goal. It looks fresh and enjoyable as new craft has been put into the game levels and settings. Each flawless level earns players a red gem-tooth, and five teeth unlock one crazy-hard race per chapter.


You will surely enjoy with Rayman running, jumping, or floating and many more..
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