realme Brings an Exclusive Audio Experience with the new realme Buds Air 2 & Air 2 Neo co-created with The Chainsmokers

In this surfeit of technical gadgets, companies have been launching hundreds of gadgets in the market. Among these, a few devices have caught the customers off guard with their unique experience and remarkable prices. realme has brought forward an innovative device with collaboration with the globally famous American DJ Duo – The Chainsmokers. With the “Dare to Leap” vision, realme is leaping in this race with innovative smart audio devices Buds Air 2 and Buds Air 2 Neo coupled with a remarkable collaboration.

realme Brings an Exclusive Audio Experience with the new realme Buds Air 2 & Air 2 Neo co-created with The Chainsmokers

The usage of earbuds and other such audio devices has become very common now. The younger generation is very conscious about their outlook making earbuds not only an audio device but a fashion statement for them. realme understands the needs of its customers and has collaborated with The Chainsmokers – the best music duo considered around the world – to create the Buds Air 2 and Buds Air 2 Neo. Both devices come in stylish designs and support Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that was once only seen in high-end flagship earbuds and headphones.

realme Buds Air 2

To boost the sound quality and the audio experience for its customers, realme together with The Chainsmokers selected a diamond-like carbon diaphragm with a 10mm Diamond-class Hi-Fi Driver which is usually only seen in flagship earbuds or headphones. realme Buds Air 2 provides a 25-hour playback and has upgraded Game Mode with latency as low as 88ms Super Low Latency. Now users can play games without their performance being impacted by the lack of sync in the video and sound effects.

The Dual Mic Noise Cancellation for Calls and Intelligent Touch Control enables users to get a clearer and smoother calling experience. Air 2 is available in a unique Two-Tone Color Slipping Design in two cool and attractive colors, Closer White and Closer Black. Whereas the Buds Air 2 Neo contains similar features as Buds Air 2, it gives non-stop music playback for 28 hours straight with Active Noise Cancellation of up to 25db. The 10mm Bass Boost Driver, Transparency Mode, and Dual Mic Noise Cancellation for calls enable the user to listen to music non-stop and also improves the audio call quality for them.

The young trendy users surely love these accessories, highly praising the individuality, personality, and attitude it brings out for them. The price tag for these AIoT devices is also praise-worthy. The realme Buds Air 2 Neo carries a price tag of PKR 7,999/- while realme Buds Air 2 costs PKR 9,999/- and is available on So, hurry up and get your trendy realme devices right now!

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