Realme Crossed 4 Million Users – How Well Will it do in Pakistan?

Will Realme Capture a Decent Market Share in Pakistan?

Realme debuted in 2018 and has performed extremely well around the world, especially in India. Realme basically is a sub-brand of OPPO. After achieving a huge market share in their first year i.e “4 Million Users”, Realme now sets bigger milestones to achieve in 2019.

Here’s the tweet from Realme’s Official Twitter account.

Realme’s distribution in the year 2018 has really been very restricted, only to India and some other countries in the South East Asia region.

Today, we are happy to announce that Realme is officially launching 2 of their top performing smartphones i.e the Realme C1 and the Realme Pro 2 over here in Pakistan.

Realme Pro 2 is a mid-range smartphone, aiming to target those who look for crazy specs in a smartphone at an affordable price. While the Realme C1 is truly a budget smartphone, offering basics within a very solid package.

We think if Realme sticks exactly to what it has been doing in India i.e “providing value for money”, they’ll succeed in grabbing a decent market share.

What do you think about Realme Pro 2 and C1 being officially launched today in Lahore today?

Fahad Khan

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