Realme X50 5G to Come with Two Selfie Cameras

Earlier this year, Realme rolled out its first flagship called X2 Pro with the Snapdragon 855+ chipset and some other flagship specs. Now, the mobile manufacturing company is planning to introduce higher device named Realme X50 5G somewhere in the near future. The company’s CMO announced it on Weibo.

Realme X50 5G to Come with Two Selfie Cameras

Xu Qi Chase, the CMO has also shared the image of the phone. The phone in the image shows that it spots two cameras in the upper left corner. This indicates that the X50 5G will be not only the brand’s first 5G phone, but will also be the first one that is coming with two selfie camera and a hole in the display.

Chase explained the logic behind the name:

While the jump from X2 to X50 truly is intriguing.  X stands for the X lineup which is the pioneer series with all the new technology that Realme is implementing, 5 represents the incoming 5G generation of smartphones and 0 is for new beginnings – much like the 5G-enabled future of the mobile phone business.

It is quite interesting to note that the Realme X50 5G will be able to work on both standalone and non-standalone 5G networks. So it will be helpful in easier transition and broader coverage of the next-generation connectivity. However, the company didn’t reveal any more details about the handset yet.

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