Reasons PayPal in Pakistan Has Been Delayed

PayPal is the industry leader among all digital currencies, and enjoys a very high level of respect among all other digital currencies used in financial transactions worldwide. It blends high-tech account security technology with an excellent financial management system for more than 3 million customers worldwide. However, Paypal in Pakistan has been delayed due to a few security reasons. 

Efforts to bring PayPal to Pakistan have been founding, officials of the government admit. A delegation from the Information Technology Ministry of Pakistan visited the United States last month to persuade the international online payment company to bring their business to the country, sources reports. 

Officials at the company told the delegation that Pakistan is not currently included in its three-year road map, as it does not have ample business opportunities to attract the company. 

A senior official of the National Institute of Technology Board, told that Pakistan was hoping to bring the paypal in Pakistan in order to make it easier for the citizens who earn money from abroad and find it difficult to transfer their money. He added, however, that PayPal reviews its roadmap each year and there is still a chance that it will enter the Pakistani market 

Asad Umar, the former finance minister, declared in February 2019 that the government has committed itself to bringing PayPal to Pakistan. PayPal helps people to send and receive money in over 200 countries, which serves as an international bank account. 

How Can You Use a Personal Paypal Account in Pakistan? Is it Possible? 


  • Many websites like Fiverr, People Perhour, Upwork can pay to buy software or services.  
  • You will collect your earned money from legitimate websites such as Fiverr and Upwork  
  • Send payments directly to PayPal Email, Send payment to freelancers for individual services.  
  • Receive PayPal payments direct from your PayPal account to your PayPal account.  
  • You will pay for hosting and domains 
  • Purchase Skype Credit Pay Your Subscription Fee to Any Website Send payments to your Publisher 
  •  You can pay for purchasing sample of any product from any website or supplier.  
  • Wherever PayPal is allowed, pay to buy credits to play your games online.  
  • Easily pay on Udemy, buy Udemy Course in Pakistan Pay on any advertising platform where PayPal is approved for your bus. 
  • Charge for your android App advertising on any website.  
  • Monthly limit is $1,000, $1,000 can be earned and $1,000 expended.  
  • You can make a minimum or maximum transaction of any amount within a cap of $600, there is no limit on the number of transactions, the total amount of transactions cannot exceed $1,000/month. 

What You cant do with Paypal Account ?

  • For selling goods, you can’t attach it to Ebay 
  • As a merchant account, you can not attach that account to your own website.  
  • This account can not be used to receive payment for selling physical goods such as Martial Art Products, Surgical Products or any type of physical product.  
  • This account can not be used for bulk PayPal purchases. 
  • You can not send more than $600 In a single transaction.  

Best Features in PayPal Account  

Security and Data Confidentiality:

During a financial transfer or sales process, information stored in a credit card or bank account of a user is not revealed. 

Numerous emails for Convenience:  

An account holder can have up to 8 email addresses linked to a single bank account, making it more convenient and versatile to receive and pay the money. 

Multiple currency and automatic conversion process: 

Another unique feature of PayPal is that it supports multiple currencies from different countries and has an automated process for currency conversion 

Transaction Protection: 

PayPal has a specific dispute resolution system for purchases that covers both buyer and seller. 

Simple withdrawal via a bank or credit card:  

You can withdraw your PayPal funds via your bank account credit card. The contract normally completes within 3-5 business days. 

Important Note When Opening PayPal in Pakistan Account 

Many PayPal users complain that PayPal’s strictness extends to account use, which has resulted in several accounts being restricted for one reason or another. But the truth is that if PayPal is to remain in business, it must maintain its integrity and command the trust of millions of customers it services. It doesn’t take illegality lightly and shrink at any violation of its terms and conditions.  


The US-based financial services firm is an online money transfer system used to make payments for individuals and businesses. For example, if he has a PayPal account a customer can purchase his favorite book from However, the service of Paypal in Pakistan has been delayed due to security reason and money laundering issues. We can not see any other country free of finance laundering and they still enjoy this tool for their transactions. 

Over the years, it has refined its security network features with advanced technical monitoring that tracks each individual account within an automated system that can raise a yellow or red flag if any irregularity is suspected. 

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