Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone: Quick Tips

Do you have an old cell phone that no longer works how it ought to? If that is without a doubt the case, you can get rid of your old handset and buy a new one. You can sell or recycle your old mobile phone to get some quick cash as well. Recycling is the ideal choice if your gadget’s condition is not good and past fixes. In this article, we show some quick tips to recycle old mobile phones.

Importance of mobile recycling

It might seem like garbage to you, yet your old gadget has a lot of harmful chemicals. Besides, if it doesn’t get disposed of in the correct way, it’s a potential danger to you and the environment. Here are a few reasons why it is critical to recycle cell phones.

Preserve assets

The materials in the handset can get successfully reused if you recycle your handset. The gold and silicon can get utilized again. A couple of materials, for instance, rare earth used in the devices, are only available in China and may not stay accessible if there is any conflict. If your mobile phone is faulty, a recycler can recover its plastic and metal.


There are different kinds of materials inside cell phones that are dangerous to individuals, plants, and animals. For example, mobile phones contain mercury, which causes several medical issues like brain damage. Lead is another standard element, which causes malignant growth. A recycler with expertise will manage harmful materials safely.


If you have maintained your device well, you can diminish the waste entering the ecosystem. This, without help from anyone else, is a legitimate reason to recycle an old gadget.


Consider the money you save when you buy a working gadget for another. Notwithstanding the way that you get another handset, you likewise get some offers as well. Some merchants even give customers a financial prize for recycling an old handset. So, despite all the good purposes behind recycling a handset, you get a monetary advantage also.

Recycling process

There are two phases in this process, regardless of whether to recycle or selling handsets. If the handset fire or flood damages, you can drop it at a close-by mobile recycling point. If you are like others and need to trade your working gadget for another one, you will need to plan for selling it. You would then be able to sell it to the buyer. Erasing all the data first is crucial. Here’s how you can set up your old gadget before giving it over for recycling or selling.

  • Give an intensive clean to your device with a liquor-based cleaner.
  • Back up the information on your phone by adhering to the manual for guidelines.
  • Do a factory reset to dispose of all the information on your gadget.
  • Remove all the SD and SIM cards from the phone.
  • Double-check to guarantee the handset is functioning well.
  • Package the gadget if you received the bundling from the buyer and send it to the given location.

What about damaged phones?

Most buyers will take broken gadgets, but you may get a lower sum. Devices with water damage or a non-working screen may not bring you much. In any case, it is best to recycle them.

Final words

Cell phone recycling is significant and can help the environment as well. It is gainful for the mobile phone users and environment. The state of your old device will decide whether you should sell or recycle it. Regardless of whether your handset is in a terrible state, you can, in any case, recycle as opposed to tossing it in the trash.

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