Redefining our Real Heroes

The global pandemic has the world under extra ordinary circumstances with lockdowns in place and people practicing social distancing by remaining indoors. During this time the world has realized and recognized the true heroes, who actually strive for the society’s safety and betterment. Pakistan too has been actively endorsing and acknowledging their tireless efforts in every way possible.  Security personnel, doctors, nurses and paramedical professionals are trained to work in emergency like situations to keep us safe and secure. They know how to keep their nerves under control and perform as best as they can. There is no doubt that these professionals have outdone on their own part and have supported the whole world as they struggle to contain the virus and heal the effected.

Redefining our Real Heroes

However, there are other professionals as well, who are working beyond the limelight of the mainstream media. The ones who claim no appreciation from the society as they do their jobs diligently. An example of such real heroes, are the frontline workers of world’s and particularly Pakistan’s telecom industry. If you are using internet and mobile phones to keep your business operational, send and receive online payments, keep your child’s education continued or even order those fresh groceries from your favorite application, you are already in debt of these selfless heroes. These are the linemen, the technicians, the on-ground engineers who are effortlessly trying to keep the whole world connected regardless of the pandemic.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) being a national company is perhaps the only one, which has highlighted the role of such frontline workers on their digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), helping the masses realize and redefine the real heroes of our nation. PTCL supports the widest and broadest communication coverage with 12000+ frontline workers, enabling the whole country to stay connected round the clock. This means that these frontline workers have been able to defend their given strongholds against the virus to ensure business continuity and productivity. We must realize here that Pakistan is one of the most diverse countries in the world based on its geographical properties, climate and belief systems. In this regard, maintaining a consistent flow of telecommunication services is perhaps the most challenging part of the job for these frontline workers.

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In order to achieve this feat in such trying times, PTCL empowered their frontline staff with quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are supported 24/7 on the back-end by operational customer support system. All these extensive measures taken, serve a single but comprehensive purpose, keeping the nation connected at all times. The protective gear has allowed the frontline workers to keep themselves safe while they cover the remote regions and the densely populated areas of the country with a standardized approach. PTCL’s flawless internet service is only possible because of the proactive frontline workers, who are ready to serve if and when a customer requires during these trying times. On top of that, these workers are not afraid to work day and night as they believe their efforts will keep Pakistan thriving.

We as a nation are responsible to provide the fair share of recognition, appreciation and admiration to these deserving professionals. They are not only the heroes of PTCL but also heroes of Pakistan.  Thanks to PTCL we have been able to realize what true heroism actually means, and how connectivity can help Pakistan survive these catastrophic times.

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