Refugee Children Dance Video in Snow Goes Viral on Internet

Refugee Children Dance Video in Snow has just melted the hearts of so many people across the world. In the video, a young brother and sister rush into a small backyard in Toronto to experience snow as it was their first time. The little girl spins in the snow with her open arms. The boy also bounces in place, he is wearing a coat that is too big in size.

The footage of two Eritrean child refugees captured on Saturday. A young boy is of 5 years and girl is of  7 years, they both are new to Canada. This footage went viral on Twitter and has more than 2.76 million views, the children can be seen jumping around and holding out their hands as they try to catch falling snowflakes.

Here is Refugee Children Dance Video in Snow

Rebecca Davies, a spokeswoman for the Ripple Refugee Project has posted the video. He used the hashtags “refugees welcome” and “welcome to Canada”.

She said:

“The first snowfall for Eritrean children new to Canada.”

A picture of these two excited kids was also posted on Twitter in which they are grabbing and eating snow from the garden. These two children are part of a family of refugees arrived in Canada after five years of living in a refugee camp in Sudan. Now they are in the refugee camp of Canada because of fleeing the violence in Eritrea.

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