Removeddit Not Working? 4 Ways to Fix it!

Removeddit is a website for viewing deleted comments and posts from Reddit. This is a relatively straightforward procedure. Simply visit any Reddit thread and replace ‘reddit’ with’ removeddit’ in the URL to view comments that have been deleted. It is possible by comparing the comments stored in Jason Baumgartner’s Pushshift Reddit API with those stored in the Reddit API. The front end is created in React and employs Saas as its CSS preprocessor. A separate backend is utilized to keep threads that have been deleted by moderators. Now, you’re probably wondering what Reddit is. It refers to a social news platform that enables users to discuss and vote on other users’ published content. Reddit also implemented ‘karma’ points for site security and to discourage spammers from attacking users. Reddit users gain karma when their comments and links are upvoted by other community members. However, there are instances when removeddit doesn’t work (removeddit not working), and it will be the point of our next discussion.


Point to remember:

As Reddit is a website created by adults for adults, so you must keep in mind that you may encounter violent, obscene, or otherwise objectionable content. Before you visit Removeddit, you must verify that you are at least 18 years old.

Is Removeddit not working?


Even Removeddit has a few hiccups from time to time, despite its exceptional quality. There have been occasional errors on the website, which may irritate you greatly. Numerous users have reported seeing messages stating “No comments found” and “censored” in the comments that were erased or deleted. Even attempting to use various browsers without add-ons, you still won’t be able to access them. Some even said that they attempted to use Removeddit, with the website’s title loading but the content unable to load.

Way to Fix ‘Removeddit not working’ problem:

For Website:

Try Disabling Tracking protection:

However, you don’t need to worry as we are going to mention a few ways that can solve your problem. The first remedy involves the disabling of the ‘Tracking Protection’ option. To do so, click the black-and-white shield icon next to the https in the URL, and then select “Turn off Tracking Protection for this site.” You can also attempt to resolve the issue by disabling add-ons. If it does not work, you can switch to “Safe Mode.”

Be Patient! (The problem can reside with the server):

Removeddit, being a large website, can go down for a multitude of reasons, like a minor or big server outage. If you are unable to access the website, then you should be patient until the issue is addressed and then try again later. If the issue is caused by the site, they can do little to remedy it. You can utilize the Removeddit alternatives if you are impatient and do not like to miss anything significant. Indeed, you read right! Ceddit and Resavr are two other websites that allow you to browse through Reddit’s removed content. Therefore, one of the solutions for fixing the “Removeddit Not Working” issue is to either wait or seek alternative solutions.

For App:

Fix Removeddit App Black Screen Problem:


Typically, there is only a small loading issue. Simply navigate to the Recent Apps tab on your phone. After that, close all the applications that are causing any trouble. Afterward, restart the app. It might operate normally. Carry out a factory reset on your Android device. Hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously for up to ten seconds. Then, press and hold the “Power” button until the screen illuminates, and then release it. You may now test the app to determine if it’s working or not.

Fixing Removeddit app login issue:

It is possible that the Android server’s Removeddit is down, resulting in login/account problems. Please try logging out and then log in again. Also, please double-check your Internet connection. It is also possible that you may attempt to log in using incorrect credentials. Please verify all of the information you have entered. Furthermore, it can also happen that because of your activities, your account may be suspended or deleted.

Final Words:

We certainly hope that after reading our article, you will be able to resolve ‘removeddit not working problem.’ So, if you like our article or have any queries regarding it, do mention them in the comment section!

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