Retailigence can Proliferate Mobile Handset Growth in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Mobile handset market is growing, according to the PTA there are 160 Million Mobile handset users and nearly 2 million handsets are sold every month in Pakistan. Mobile handset market size is approximate $ 2 Billion Annually which contributes significant figures in GDP.

Distributors, Channel Partners, Retailers and Resellers are an essential & integral part of the Mobile Industry ecosystem. Premium mobile brands including Samsung, Nokia, and Huawei along with new & young mobile brands constantly need to keep an eye on their retailer’s performance, sellers and customer’s behaviour to ensure that their commercial goals are met.

Retailigence can Exacerbate Mobile Handset Growth in Pakistan

In Pakistan, according to market experts, there are over 25,000 retailers however 80% of the market share has been captured by only 6% that is 1500 retailers in total.

Retail engagement is the key to the business and a major pain point for mobile phone brands and their distributors. In today’s world, where technology is disrupting major industries,

Retailigence has played a significant role in the Retail penetration, Retail Training Product & Retail Sales Management via ”RetailigenceAPP”.

Digitally transforming Retailers/Dealers with robust “RetailigenceAPP” to automate their process (Orders, Product Training, Promotions, Stock, Payments balances and above all retail teams’ management) for you to get 360-degree visibility of your nationwide spread over Retailers

Retailigence Data Analytics & Dashboard:

Mine the data residing in your Retailigence Application through in-depth reports and dashboard. Track Sales activities with a bird’s eye view and drill-down into the data based on market region, area, brand, team and retailers wise Sales through charts and graphs and visualize your data on your screen. Observe and analyze every Sale, orders, visits, payments & incentive transaction Real-time and gaining valuable insights about the market trends and customer engagement.

Retailigence Solution is available in 03 Segment| Brands | Distributors | Master Dealers (MD)


Segment 1 |Mobile Brands: Retail Staff Visit monitoring| Product Promotion | Product digital Training along with Real time Assessment | Market Intelligence | Digital Lower portion and pay via Jazz cash/Easy paisa | Sell out data | Customer engagement

Segment 2 |Distributors:  Sale Staff Visit monitoring | Promotion, Product listing, Price change | Order taking, Status and tracking | Payments, balances | Digital Lower portion and pay via digital wallet | Sell out data | Customer engagement


Segment 3 |Master Dealer: Promotion, Product listing, Price change |Order taking, Status and tracking | Payments, balances | Customer engagement.

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