‘ReVamp’ will be exclusive to Snapchat ; What is it?

Social media platforms are constantly looking for new ways to enliven their user experiences. Zynga will release ReVamp, a social deception game, on Snapchat’s gaming platform “soon,” the developer revealed on Friday. ReVamp is a real-time multiplayer game where players strive to discover the vampire among them, clearly inspired by the success of games like Among Us.

Snap Games, a feature of the popular social media app launched in 2019. You can find it on Snapchat. Snap Games is a doorway to a variety of games that may be played from within the app, most of which are quite simple in nature and resemble old-school Flash games. ReVamp is the most recent title to be released by Snap Games.

What’s the Story?

The game features a simple cartoon style and, according to the teaser, can be played in regular portrait mode rather than rotating your phone.

Anyone who has played Among Us will be acquainted with the dynamics of ReVamp. It’s an online multiplayer game in which you’re placed in a building with a number of other individuals. One of the persons is a vampire in masquerade, and it’s up to you to figure out who it is.

It’s your responsibility as the vampire to sneak around and kill the other characters. If you remove all of the other players, you win the round. However, if the other individuals identify you as the vampire, you will be eliminated.


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Zynga inked a partnership with Snapchat to create games for the platform in 2020. ReVamp will be the studio’s third Snapchat game (the other two are called Bumped Out and Tiny Royale), and it appears to be very complicated.

Snap’s challenge, on the other hand, is to keep its game choices interesting. With online consumers’ short attention spans, it’s tough to keep them engaged with only a few games to select from.

In addition, other huge gaming companies are making significant inroads into the gaming sector. Apple just unveiled the Apple Arcade, a new gaming subscription service with no in-app purchases or advertisements. Google also just announced Stadia, a video game-focused streaming service that will be available on any computer running Chrome, TV with Chromecast, and Pixel smartphones.

According to VentureBeat, Snapchat surpassed over 200 million users in May with its games and mini-apps, and 30 million people play Snap Games every month. The game will be available on Snapchat and only accessible in certain regions, according to the game developer. It is unknown when the game will be available.

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