Movies To Watch With Your Loved One

Romantic Movies, Sad Movies, Love Stories, Tragedy And Mystery

The wedding season just ended, leaving us with a lot of newly-weds in love. So, if you are searching for a movie to watch with your husband here is a list of best romantic, Hollywood love-stories to watch! The genres of these movies comprise of love, emotional, romance, tragedy, sad-story and mystery.

1.The Great Gatsby

Movies To Watch With Your Loved One
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The perfect touch of romance, love, emotions and tragedy. The Great Gatsby stars Leonardo De Caprio as a struggling, but now a successful businessman fighting to get his long-loved sweetheart. The movie is full of beautiful emotions and colourful visuals.


2. A Walk To Remember

Movies To Watch With Your Loved One

A classic, that never gets old. A Walk To Remember is surely a couple’s movie. It is full of romance, love and emotions. However, the ending makes it a tragedy movie. But if you want to ride on an emotional rollercoaster, Go For It!

3. Gone Girl

Movies To Watch With Your Loved One
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Gone girl is love-story gone wrong. Apart from love and romance, the story shows the other side of marriage and relationship, the dark side. It is a perfect love-story for you two to watch and learn!

4. Sweeney Todd- The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

Movies To Watch With Your Loved One
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The King Of Actors, Jhonny Depp, makes this sad, emotional love-story even more dramatic. It is a tragic love story based on an Opera genre. The entire movie is delivered through a song and if think that it ll be boring or disturbing, have a look at it once, you will surely be disappointed!


5. The Time Traveler’s Wife

Movies To Watch With Your Loved One

It is a very unique love story. One with several twists and humps. The movie is loaded with romance and love filling the air, with a tinge of longing, conflict and reunions. An excellently delivered romantic and mysterious movie indeed!


Aiza Riaz Butt

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