Rumors and Speculations about Samsung Galaxy S8

As we all know that Samsung had a really terrible month due to the battery problem of their latest flagship Note 7. Several phones exploded which was really alarming for Samsung.

Looking forward is the only option left for the South Korean electronics giant. The potential lost sales from the Note7 may impulse Samsung to move the Galaxy S8 release up so that people forget about the exploding Note7.

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Though it’s still not known whether Samsung will announce the Galaxy S8 before its usual launch or right around Mobile World Congress in February/March.

Rumors and Speculations about Samsung Galaxy S8

But rumors and speculations start before devices take off. Following are some of the rumors about Galaxy S8:

4K screen

Samsung’s flagship phones were some of the first to ship with HD, then full HD and then Quad HD. 4K is the next frontier, but all those pixels won’t be beneficial for daily use. The improved pixel density would signify sharper visuals in VR with less of the “screen door effect” that at present outbreaks Quad HD and lower resolution screens.

Faster Performance

Enhanced performance is there with every new Samsung phone. The S7, S7 Edge and Note7 all came in two variants. The S8 may go with a similar regional difference. According to SamMobile, perhaps S8 will be prepared with the Snapdragon 830 processor, an Exynos 8895 processor and Mali-G71 graphics chip. The graphics chip is said to be fit for 1.8x more powerful than the one in the S7. Samsung might toss in more RAM, too, to help with the faster CPU and GPU and progressive resolution screen.

Only curved screens?

By now it’s quite obvious that the S7 Edge and the Note7’s curved glass screens are winners. Not only are they beneficial, but they’ve become a signature Samsung design that discriminates it from opposing phones.

The curved ends also helps make Samsung’s phones slimmer so larger-screened phones aren’t actually larger. One report says Samsung may not announce an S8 with a flat screen.

Dual cameras?

It is expected that like the LG’s G5 and V20, Huawei’s P9 and Honor 8 and the iPhone 7 plus, Samsung is also considering to add dual rear cameras.

Other Expected Features

Samsung’s finest phones really set the bar great for future devices. Any features it eliminates for the S8 would backfire.

While it’s probable that S8 will eradicate the headphone jack and go all-in on USB-C audio and wireless like the Moto Z series, Samsung made it a point to highlight that its Note7 had a headphone jack at the device’s unveiling event.

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Fast charging and fast wireless charging are likely to remain and same goes for IP68 water resistance.

Samsung will work hard to make the best out of its new release. As we all know that Samsung and Apple are competitors, so it will be a big blow for Samsung if the same happens again. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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