Samsung Breaks SmartPhone Sales Records With New Release

According to official Reuters, Samsung is said to have broken the smartphone sales record.

Although it has been a slow quarter, based on estimates by 41 analysts, the Korean company was said to have shipped 50 million smartphones in the second quarter. Compared to the 30 million units shipped by Apple in Quarter 2, dropping from their previous 35 million sales, this makes Samsung an undisputed leader in smartphone sales.

There is no doubt about the fact that this strong performance has much to do with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S III. Due to the arrival of the phone in the Quarter 3 for US markets, we can expect to hear more news about Samsung dominating the smartphone market.

Here is a table showing the rise and fall in smartphone sales for leading companies:

[table id=1 /] According to the analysts the Koreans sold a total of 95.8 million mobile phones (that’s smartphonesand featurephones) during Q2, compared to the 80.1 million that Nokia managed.

The bit of good news for Nokia is that the company managed to ship 3.71 million Windows Phone smartphones, which is a more than 85% increase over the 2 million in the first three months of the year.

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