Samsung Foldable Smartphone Design has been Finalized

According to recent reports and teasers, Samsung will share preliminary details this month at its developer conference. However,  before that, we came to know about a rumor regarding the unreleased handset. Samsung Foldable Smartphone Design has reportedly been finalized, and the phone is now in production.

Here is the Samsung Foldable Smartphone Design

The Korean-language news outlet The Bell has reported that Samsung has settled on the final design of the foldable handset. The device will come with a dual-screen setup that would allow users to use the phone even when it is folded.
Samsung has taken this decision back in July, but Samsung was continuously weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a dual-screen design.
The main OLED screen will sit on the inside of the phone when one folds it measures 7.29 inches and gives a tablet-like experience to users. A secondary 4.6-inch OLED screen will let users operate the device as a regular phone on the outside of the handset.
Because of the extra screen, the phone power consumption will also increase and the price will be higher than the other design the company had in mind. A foldable Galaxy F with only one folding screen on the inside would force the consumer to open the device for every use.

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