Samsung Foldable Tablet will be the Second Folding device After Samsung Galaxy F

Yesterday we came to know that Samsung is about to launch the Foldable Galaxy F next month. Even the Korean giant has started teasing the Galaxy F. Now a new patent reveals that Samsung is also planning to launch Samsung foldable tablet.

Samsung Foldable Tablet Patent Reveals an Extraordinary Device

This patent of Samsung Foldable Tablet was filed back in April of 2018 in the US however it was not published. The patent shows a device that can be used as a traditional tablet when unfolded.
The user can also use just one half of the tablet’s display when folded in one direction. The other half will turn off and will automatically shift the users to a smartphone-like experience.
If someone will fold it in the other direction the device will be closed thus protecting the display. It can be then easily be kept in the pocket without the fear of damaging the device.
Samsung concept image of Foldable tablet shows that the device will use two bezels like grips on either side of the display which houses all the necessary components of the panel. They will be made up of aluminium. The centre of rear panel will include a hinge-like mechanism.
It seems like Samsung wants to test the market with Foldable Galaxy F. If people will love the device, Samsung will definitely launch foldable tablet too.

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