Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will not Include S-pen

The foldable devices always bring excitement, and it feels so good to hear about them. We are anxiously waiting for Galaxy Fold 2 which is in development, and we are getting certain rumours which give us some idea of how the actual device will look like. This time we have got details regarding the S-pen and colour scheme. We have come to know that Galaxy Fold 2 will come in two colours- Martian green and Astro blue. These colours were actually prepared for Galaxy Fold 1 but couldn’t get the hype due to the issues with the device.

The phone will have a bigger screen than the previous Samsung foldable device; however, it will keep the folding technology. The weight of this foldable device is 229 grams, which is 15 % lighter to Galaxy Fold 1 that weighs 263 g.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will not Include S-pen

The device will not include S-Pen, and it will use the same manufacturing techniques it used to build Galaxy Fold 1. In this way, the company will be able to produce more units as this year, the demand for the foldable device will be higher than before.

Well, the device looks pleasing as far as the features are concerned; however, there is too much uncertainty due to coronavirus throughout the globe. Might be possible the number of sales remains that same as its predecessor.

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