Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-orders Have Been Called Off

Galaxy Fold Pre-orders are canceled before the release date


After such a long wait, the Samsung Galaxy Fold release date is almost here. Back in February, the gadget was launched. However, it had breakages and multiple issues. Samsung announced the date for its rerelease. However, Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-orders have been called off, just before its release.

Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders Are Canceled

The news just came up from Twitter users who reside in the US. They tweeted that Samsung has canceled the pre-orders. The expected launch date for foldable smartphone is 27th September. The people who were waiting to pre-order have to wait for some more time.

Samsung mailed about canceling the order and said it still needs to “rethink the entire customer experience,” . Samsung does not want that people would have any complaint this time. As the last experience was worst. Some users placed order back in February. The new Samsung foldable phone is totally different this time. Samsung wants its users to pre-order without any worries and dissatisfaction.

Not only this, Samsung is offering them a handsome amount of $250 which seems to be a great bonus. The offer is valid to the who pre-ordered it before. A user can buy any other accessories from the Samsung store. Moreover, a user can also book pre-order for the new Galaxy Fold. It is not like pre-ordering will not happen. Its just Samsung wants to make sure that the device is completely error-free. The company does not wish to make itself unreliable for its regular and valuable customers.

It cant be said whether only US customers are facing this issue or users all over the world. However, Samsung Galaxy Fold releases today in South Korea. And its pre-orders are happening there. Neither, any news from the UK buzzed in. Let’s wait till the further news!! HOLD ON!!!

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