Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Bixby Button is Hidden here

Samsung Galaxy Fold will feature a Bixby Button. Previously there were rumours that the Korean tech giant is compromising the Bixby button on its device as it was not welcomed by users. So this news will not bring waves of happiness for Samsung users considering they will still be using Google Assistant. However as the device is foldable, Samsung has changed the positioning of Bixby button. On Galaxy Fold the Bixby button is hidden inside the power button and will the button is seized down the Bixby will be activated. Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Bixby Button is located here.

On the Galaxy S10 line, Samsung has decided to remap the Bixby button. In such models, users can single or double tap to bring up Bixby.

Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Bixby Button is Hidden in The Power button

Samsung Galaxy Fold looks like a book with the largest screen inside protected by a smaller outer screen. Galaxy Fold Screens are complementing each other however one screen will be on the other at one time. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will have 6.4” exterior screen and 7.3” interior screen.

Galaxy Fold has six cameras. Three are placed on the back of the device and two on the front and the other one on the cover. Well,l its funny, at the start people will find it difficult to remember where is the camera placed and which camera to use for which picture.

It is understood that Foldable phones would be expensive due to prime features. In order to buy Galaxy Fold or Mate X, one should have at least $2,000. The Samsung Galaxy Fold will release on April 26th.

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