Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Bug Freezes the Rear Camera of the Device

The US-based owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are witnessing an issue with the camera of the device. Users are complaining that the rear camera of their device freezes up when they are in the middle of taking pictures or shooting videos resulting in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Bug.

The same behaviour is also witnessed in the third-party apps that use the camera of the device, the warning “camera failed” pops up. Both unlocked and carrier locker models have the same issue. Around 58 pages of complaints have been registered by effected U.S. community.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Bug Annoying Users for no Reason

People have suggested Galaxy Note 9 users should clear the system partition cache in order to make their camera working. However, this is not a permanent solution as this issue will again reoccur in a couple of days.

Samsung has also rolled out subsequent firmware updates but that couldn’t stop the camera from freezing either. This is very sad, as people have spent $1,000 or more on a phone with a non-working camera.

However, a Samsung moderator on the forum has revealed that soon an update is going to be released just to cate tor this bug which is freezing camera. However, there is no timeline when the update will be rolled out.

Previously Users of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S9 and S9+ were facing a serious issue. Recently some users have complained about Samsung Messages Bug that some photos from their Gallery have been sent to their contacts without their permission.

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