Samsung Galaxy Note 9: First Image Just leaked

Samsung fans are always curious about upcoming members of this family. The news of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are in the air from last so many days.

You must be hearing about the specs from different sources. Sometimes you would learn about the release date of Note 9 from different leaks. well, today we are giving you an another nice surprise of the first image of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 which has been leaked recently. A new leak suggests Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 will follow the lead of Galaxy S9.

First Image of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

You must have heard rumblings over the past few months about the design and look of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now a reliable source has leaked the first image of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Here is the first image of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9: First Image Just leaked

The first image of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was leaked by a ice berg on Twitter which is a reliable source and always gives accurate leaks.

The image of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 shows that it looks almost exactly like the Galaxy Note 8 from 2017. The above and below the bezels of display may be slightly narrower than the Note 8′. However, overall there are small changes in shape and design of the Note 9.

We are expecting the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to feature the 2018’s trendy specs and Super Speed Dual Pixel camera as the Galaxy S9+.

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