Samsung Galaxy S10 & LG G8 May not have a Notch

Samsung Galaxy S10 and LG G8 have found an alternative to the controversial feature. These both devices may come with bezel-less screens without a display notch.


Etnews has reported that the Samsung Display and LG Display will now use sound-emitting screens which will remove the requirement of a front-facing speaker. So the cut-out area that supports the speaker and known as a notch will not be necessary.

Samsung Galaxy S10 & LG G8 May Come without a Notch

Furthermore, the report suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen size will be 6.2 inches, the same display size as we have already experienced in Galaxy S9.

The new technology will produce audio from earpiece of the display of smartphones, which will replace front facing earpiece. Which means that companies can push the screen to the top edge of the handsets.

However, this is not a new technology, because we have found the similar technology in in Vivo Nex which is announced recently.

The report said that the phones without speakers will be launched next year, targeting early 2019. If the report is giving us the right information, then the Galaxy S10 will be the first smartphone by Samsung to launch this new technology.

Meanwhile, LG Display has developed similar technology called “crystal sound,” or CSO, which the company demoed on OLED TVs at CES 2017 and 2018. In this technology, the screen becomes the speaker.

Let’s suppose, any of these speaker tricks get successful then Apple will definitely use them in future iPhones.

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