Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite to Feature Infinity 0-Display

Just like Huawei, Samsung also has a habit of launching Liter version of its flagship devices.  Among other lighter version of the devices, Galaxy S10 will also have a budget-friendly lighter version that offers a similar level of performance at a lower price. Now we have come across extra details of the budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite.

Samsung lower-cost Galaxy S10 Lite will have Snapdragon 8150. The processor will be coupled with either 4GB or 6GB will depending on the buyer’s choice.  Both the variants will be shipped with 64GB (base models) of internal storage. Customers who want to have more storage space should buy a model that has  6GB RAM and 128GB storage model.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite- Everything we Know About the Device so far

Galaxy S10 Lite will ship with flat Infinity- O display combined with a metal frame that includes fingerprint scanner at the side. A dual camera setup on the rear will be placed horizontally. Previously there were rumours that  Samsung galaxy S10 Lite will ship with just one rear camera.

The Korean tech giant is expected to introduce its budget-friendly Galaxy S10 Lite by the end of February at MWC 2019 along with expensive Galaxy S10 and S10+. Sales of the device will start in March. Right now the price is not confirmed but it would be somewhere between $650 and $750 ie; 90k to 1 lack.

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